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Last Days Trumpet

From The Last Days Trumpet
VIDEO BELOW ~ First published at 15:41 UTC on March 3rd, 2018.

Over 150000 Conservative/Patriotic YouTube contributors have been completely kicked off the once Greatest platform for independent media so far. The inference is that “anyone” daring to challenge the narrative, or present ANY evidence NOT given by the MSM (Anti-American, Communist Media) will meet the same DOOM! This along with the consorted efforts of Facebook, Twitter and many other online sites can be seen as NOTHING LESS than A WAR on OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! Freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, as well as freedom to assemble is paramount in any FREE SOCIETY! One has to ask the question “and why do they want to “silence us”? Well it is really quite simple! They are LIARS, THIEVES, and ENEMIES OF THE U.S. of A.! There is NO DOUBT that “False Flags” have…

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Watch “Awesome God 432Hz” on YouTube

Music played and sung at 432hz instead of 440 makes a huge difference, I havr played MUSIC for 20 years and just found this out. Examibe it for yourself and see if 432hz music resonates without any distractions, it also covers all 12 notes in an octave and 440 only covers 8. Thank You Father for this revelation I will now only play in 432hz as it appears to truly minister to me body, soul, and spirit. See for yourself video ++

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