I wish to welcome you to my multipurpose blog. My  name is Freddie Beard, and am an American, and I am a Christian. I Love God, and His Word, and His Holy heritage. I want to do all I can to call everyone back to the old paths. The Place where God is leading! The Place where blessing is for sure! It is “narrow”, It is little taken today, for many are on the broad way, that is leading unto Hell! (Matt. 7) but, I know God is still calling souls unto Himself, I know many are still yet in the world. But, I know God will cal them, and I know many will heed is call, and give their life unto Him. This site, is calling people to the old paths. And it has several other highlights. Like our Old Pictures page, these old churches in my opinion, are one of the greatest treasures we have in our country. They are the very”proof” of a once Great Nation, that served, and worshiped the Holy God of Heaven. But, now many are going apostate, just like the Bible says they would. But, If you are reading these words, and you are convicted, please turn to God, and turn your back to your sins! and ask God to save you, and cleanse you! He will, you know! He loved us enough to send His Son to come down here to die upon the cross, to purchase for us Eternal life! WOW! Eternal Life?! yes Eternal Life! And all we have to do is receive Him (John 1:12). If He is calling you, then all you do is receive Him, and He will save you ! hallelujah!  Thanks for checking us out, please “follow” us, and share us on Facebook, Twitter, and your other favorite Social sites. If you have any questions, or any comments, please feel free to send them. Also be sure to Bookmark us, and check back soon.
God Bless

pastor Freddie Beard

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