Masked Forces Storm Ukrainian Navy HQ, Raise Russian Flag and Detain Commander

SEVASTOPOL, Crimea (AP) — Masked Russian-speaking troops on Wednesday seized control of Ukrainian naval headquarters in Crimea after it was stormed by militiamen. Pro-Moscow Crimean authorities also detained the Ukrainian navy commander and reportedly blocked the defense minister and another government official from traveling to the peninsula in what they said was a bid to defuse tensions.

Ukraine’s military, which is heavily outnumbered in Crimea, has come under increased pressure since the region was nominally incorporated into Russia on Tuesday.

Forces storm Ukrainian Navy headquarters and raise Russian flag

Members of the Crimean pro-Russian self-defense forces climb up to take down a Ukrainian flag, right, and a Ukrainian navy flag, left, at the Ukrainian navy headquarters in Sevastopol, Crimea, Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Crimea’s self-defense forces on Wednesday stormed the Ukrainian navy headquarters in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol, taking possession without resistance a day after Russia signed a treaty with local authorities to annex the region. In center is a Russian flag. (AP Photo/Andrew Lubimov)

Forces storm Ukrainian Navy headquarters and raise Russian flag

Crimean pro-Russian volunteers in military fatigues line up in a square in front of a statue of Vladimir Lenin, next to the Council of Ministers of Crimea’s building, in Simferopol, on March 14, 2014, two days ahead of the referendum over Crimea’s bid to break away from Ukraine and join Russia. US Secretary of State John Kerry said on March 14 that Russian President Vladimir Putin will make no decision on Ukraine until after Sunday’s referendum on the region of Crimea. AFP PHOTO / DANIEL LEAL OLIVAS AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Russian soldiers stand guard near Ukranian soldiers walking inside the Ukranian navy headquarters in Simferopol on March 18, 2014. Russia's Constitutional Court unanimously ruled on March 19, 2014 that President Vladimir Putin acted legally by signing a treaty to make Crimea part of Russia, in an essential step in the Russian legal process towards ratifying the treaty. AFP PHOTO/ Filippo MONTEFORTE

Russian soldiers stand guard near Ukranian soldiers walking inside the Ukranian navy headquarters in Simferopol on March 18, 2014. Russia’s Constitutional Court unanimously ruled on March 19, 2014 that President Vladimir Putin acted legally by signing a treaty to make Crimea part of Russia, in an essential step in the Russian legal process towards ratifying the treaty. AFP PHOTO/ Filippo MONTEFORTE

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German Court Must Decide if it’s a Crime to Kill and Eat Someone

Cannibalism is not something people want to think about a few days after Thanksgiving, but it’s in the news again. “A German police officer has been arrested on suspicion of killing and chopping up a man he met on the Internet who had long fantasized about being killed and eaten.” Authorities have not been able to determine if the killer had eaten any of his victim, but the intent was there.

But is it morally wrong to kill and eat someone if the person who wants to be killed and eaten agrees to be killed and eaten? This question was asked before in the famous German cannibal case. Was is it about Germans who want to be killed and eaten?

Armin Meiwes, another German and a real-life cannibal who ate Bernd Jürgen Brandes who had responded to the following advertisement posted by Meiwes, “looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.”

This was described as a “tricky case” for the German justice system “because Cannibalism is not a recognised offence under German law” and the defense argued that “since the victim volunteered,” it was not murder.

In his defense, Meiwes had long-held fantasies about eating people. He invented an imaginary brother named Franky:

“Meiwes dreamt of binding Franky to himself in perpetuity by the simple act of consuming him. This fantasy, he told a packed courtroom years later, had developed in the years after his father’s departure [when Meiwes was only eight years old]. ‘And in the end I fulfilled it,’ he concluded.”[1]

We shudder in disgust and horror as Hannibal “the Cannibal” Lecter in Silence of the Lambs (1991) tells how he ate a man’s “liver with some fava beans and a nice Chi-an-ti.” Even the story of the Uruguayan Rugby team’s cannibalism high in the Andes in 1972, forever immortalized in the movie Alive (1993), makes us uncomfortable. The same is true of the Donner Party (1846–1847), survivors who many claim ate the remains of their dead.


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Acid Thrown on His Face – One Man’s Cruel Disfigurement for Converting From Islam

The mainstream media love to repeat the mantra that Islam is a “religion of peace.” They need reconcile that with the horrible attack on Umar Mulinde and how he was targeted by followers of Islam. Allahu Akbar is a cry that will ring in his mind for the rest of his life.

That was the celebratory yell that the two “men” who disfigured and nearly killed him shouted once their attack was complete. There is nothing peaceful in what they did.

We’ve quit waiting for an outcry from Muslim leaders against this kind of barbarism. It is clear, whether directly or indirectly through their silence, most Muslim leaders approve of such tactics.

Umar Mulinde was a typical Muslim who hated Israel until he had a vision in a dream in which Jesus appeared to him.  After that, he became a Christian and started a church in Uganda. That conversion cost him dearly.

Religious conversion is prohibited in Islam, so Mulinde was targeted. On Christmas Eve, 2011, Mulinde was attacked by two Muslims with buckets of acid.

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Altercation at Chiefs/Broncos Game Leaves One Dead and Three in Custody


A man walking to his car with his son in the parking lot of Arrowhead Stadium, saw a man sitting in his car.  The son ran to get help, while the father confronted the intruder.   Darin Snapp, Kansas City police spokesman, told the Associated press that it was being treated as a homicide.

The victim, who is described as a man in his 20s was found lying unconscious on the pavement.  Paramedics provided first aid and transported him to the hospital, where he was declared dead.  As of this writing, the cause of death is neither apparent or known.  His name has not been released, pending notification of his family.

“Talking to several witnesses that were out here in the parking lots, there was an individual who came back to his vehicle, saw someone inside the vehicle that did not belong. A struggle ensued between the two. That’s when the individual collapsed.” (Snapp)

“We don’t know if the person had a health condition, had a heart attack. We don’t know.  We’re going to investigate this as a homicide until we hear differently. Right now it’s a suspicious death but we are going to investigate it as a homicide.”

The incident comes 1 year to the day after Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, then drove to the stadium and committed suicide.

Snapp said they talked to witnesses and have three persons of interest, they took downtown, but not knowing the cause of death means they don’t know what their case is, but the three are cooperating with the police.

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Two Stabbed, One Maimed in Chicago Wal-Mart Over X-Box; Suspect at Large

WalMart Death

A woman is at large today for the stabbing to death of two, and maiming of one shopper at a Chicago-area Wal-Mart in order to secure the store’s last X-Box One.

A woman only identified at this time as a hispanic, possibly black female approximately 5ft 10 and 180lbs fled the store on W. North Ave after a fight escalated in the electronics section that led to the brutal assault. Photos from security cameras have not yet been released.

The victim’s names are not being released until the families can be located.

Witnesses stated that the unidentified female became impatient waiting for a store clerk to unlock store displays, and this quickly escalated when she noticed that others were in line ahead of her for the last Xbox on display. She began telling those around her that she would do “anything” to retrieve the item, even if that meant waiting to steal it from another buyer out in the lot.

Once she noticed the clerk passing the Xbox to the first person to his left, the woman became enraged and pulled a sharp object from her coat pocket. “It all happened so fast”, stated Jenny Dulane, a female shopper who was standing not more than 6ft from the incident. Dulane compared the woman’s actions to that of someone “high on meth”, and relayed that the store quickly filled with a mixture of screams from horrified bystanders and cries of the helpless victims.

Dulane estimates at least 30 people were standing in the general vicinity and not one person dared intervene in the attack.

 No further details have been given at this time.


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North Korea appears to restart Nuclear Reactor

Activity has been observed at a North Korean nuclear site consistent with an effort to restart a
reactor, the International Atomic Energy Agency chief, Yukiya Amano, has said. North Korea announced in April it would revive its aged research reactor at the Yongbyon nuclear complex – which experts say is capable of producing plutonium for bombs – but said it was seeking a deterrent capacity. Amano said the Vienna-based IAEA continued to monitor developments at Yongbyon, mainly through satellite imagery. “Activities have been observed at the site that are consistent with an effort to restart the 5MW(e) reactor,” Amano told the IAEA’s 35-nation board. “However, as the agency has no access to the site, it is not possible for us to conclusively determine whether the reactor has been restarted,” he said, according to a copy of his speech. The Yongbyon reactor has been technically out of operation for years. North Korea destroyed its cooling tower in 2008 as a confidence-building step in talks with South Korea, China, the US, Japan and Russia. When North Korea said it planned to revive the reactor, nuclear experts said it would probably take about half a year to get it up and running, if it had not suffered significant damage from neglect. In September, a US research institute and a US official said satellite imagery suggested North Korea had restarted the facility. More

Pastor Freddie Beard

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“Black Friday’ Events Reveal a Dark Spirit Hovers Over America

“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12

Forget the fact that Christmas in America is no longer, and hasn’t been for quite some time, about the birth of Jesus but instead become a selfish and self-centered day of acquisitions. Events that took place in malls all over the country today reveal something that goes deeper than that. A pall has been cast over our nation, a dark and sinister chill that manifests itself in how we treat each ourselves and each other.
We have become cold and brutish as we trample each other to buy yet another luxury item we in no way need. We have become a spoiled, functionally God-less society willing to beat each other to death if someone stands in our way. We have no shame, no remorse, and no love for our fellow man.
How you can participate in this unholy mess and call yourself a Christian is beyond my comprehension. A lost and dying world is going to Hell and your only thought is to grab as much as you can as fast as you can. Jesus wept, do you?

Trampled For A $49 Tablet: Police in Utah say at least two people were knocked to the ground by a crowd of Wal-Mart shoppers jockeying for a $49 tablet computer. Lt. Dave Valentine tells The Salt Lake Tribune store employees brought out a pallet of items wrapped in cellophane, and about 200 people rushed forward to grab the items as the workers cut the wrapper. That’s when Valentine says shoppers knocked a woman over and stepped on her. Witness Brian Wilks tells the Standard-Examiner officers rushed over to help and control the crowd. source – CBS News
Man Shot For Flat screen TV: According to police, a man purchased a big-screen television from the Target store near Flamingo Rd. and Maryland Pkwy. While he was trying to unload the TV from his car at a nearby apartment complex, a man approached and fired a warning shot, causing the victim to drop the television, police said. Officers tell 8 News NOW the gunman then took the television to a nearby car that was waiting, where a second man helped the gunman load the TV into the car. source – CBS News

Mall Shoppers Use Stun Gun On Each Other: One woman apparently used a stun gun on another after an all-out brawl inside of the Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia. ”It started out, one couple was fighting with another couple. They had words, the guys got into a fight and then the girls,” said Napolitano, who videotaped the melee. “One couple, they were like a family  and all, with a young child in a stroller.” The video shows the two women punching each other and someone in the crowd yelling, “No, stop.” After the two hit the ground, fighting, you can hear the crackle of what sounds like a stun gun and see fluorescent-colored sparks. ”One girl just brought out a taser,” the 20-year-old said. source – NBC
Salvation Army Kettle Stolen: Authorities say bell ringer James Griffin III was helping a grandmother and her four grandchildren get through the double doors of the Belk store at Hanes Mall where he was stationed. When Griffin returned to his post, the kettle and the $50 in it were gone. source – Fox News

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Whistleblower: Philadelphia flooded with black mob violence

Pastor Freddie Beard

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ALERT: Could “Knockout Game” be spreading to DC? | END TIME HEADLINES

  WASHINGTON, DC -Police say they are investigating the  two women punched in the head in Columbia Heights on Thursday and Friday as simple assaults. But the victims wonder if they were targets of the Knockout game. It’s a game being played by teens in some cities where groups of people attack innocent victims, with the intention of knocking them out with one sucker punch.  The most recent assault in the District occurred Thursday night. Phoebe Connolly, in town from Vermont, was riding her bike up 11th Street NW near Cardozo High School. She encountered a group of several teens standing on their bikes in the street.  When she tried to ride by, one of them punched her in the nose. A friend told Connolly it sounded like the Knockout game. Connolly googled and discovered another woman had been a victim Thursday night on 14th Street in Columbia Heights. Fox 5 spoke to that woman, who doesn’t want to be identified. She says she’s convinced it was the Knockout game, and that the assailants just aren’t practiced enough to knock their victims out in one punch.  Connolly says police told her there had been several reports of similar assaults to hers on Friday night. The public is being urged to be aware of their surroundings and to report suspicious people and behavior to

Pastor Freddie Beard

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