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Paul Walker and the Iraqi Vet, A Never Before Told Story


 Bailey Banks and Biddle Jewelers in Santa Barbara, Calif is a very high end jewelers.  Paul Walker stopped by to do a little shopping, when he saw an Iraqi vet and his fiancé looking at engagement rings.  The soon to be bride found a ring that she loved, but the salesman gave her the bad news that it cost $10,000 dollars.  The Iraqi vet apologized to his fiancé and told her he just couldn’t afford it.  They continued looking.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker called the manager over and told him to put the ring on his tab but made him promise never to tell who it was that made such a generous gift to them.  Any other star would have been on the phone to their publicist to set up a press conference.  A couple of dozen selfies with the happy couple later, they would start practicing their Nobel Prize speech.

Sales associate, Irene King tells the story and she has posted on a memorial site for Paul Walker.

Paul Walker was killed just after leaving a charity event thrown by his Reach Out Worldwide, while riding in a car with a good friend after it crashed into a pole and burst into flames.

Source – http://freepatriot.org/2013/12/03/paul-walker-iraqi-vet-never-told-story/

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