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Obama administration to review facial recognition technology

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The Obama administration on Tuesday said it plans to review the privacy implications of facial recognition technology. Lawmakers and privacy advocates have expressed fears that tech companies and government agencies are using facial recognition technologies to track people, often without their knowledge. The Commerce Department said it recognizes those concerns and will work with tech groups, privacy advocates and online advertising trade associations to identify them. “Facial recognition technology has the potential to improve services for consumers, support innovation by businesses, and affect identification and authentication online and offline,” said Larry Strickling, the administrator of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). “However, the technology poses distinct consumer privacy challenges … and the importance of securing faceprints and ensuring consumers’ appropriate control over their data is clear,” he said. In February 2012, the Obama administration tasked the NTIA with bringing together tech companies, advertising firms and advocacy groups to work on digital privacy issues. The agency completed an 18-month review of mobile app privacy policies and will turn to facial recognition technology in early 2014. Strickling said the discussions “could include an examination of the privacy risks associated with the use of photo databases in stores and other commercial settings and face prints as a unique biometric identifier.” More
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