Acid Thrown on His Face – One Man’s Cruel Disfigurement for Converting From Islam

The mainstream media love to repeat the mantra that Islam is a “religion of peace.” They need reconcile that with the horrible attack on Umar Mulinde and how he was targeted by followers of Islam. Allahu Akbar is a cry that will ring in his mind for the rest of his life.

That was the celebratory yell that the two “men” who disfigured and nearly killed him shouted once their attack was complete. There is nothing peaceful in what they did.

We’ve quit waiting for an outcry from Muslim leaders against this kind of barbarism. It is clear, whether directly or indirectly through their silence, most Muslim leaders approve of such tactics.

Umar Mulinde was a typical Muslim who hated Israel until he had a vision in a dream in which Jesus appeared to him.  After that, he became a Christian and started a church in Uganda. That conversion cost him dearly.

Religious conversion is prohibited in Islam, so Mulinde was targeted. On Christmas Eve, 2011, Mulinde was attacked by two Muslims with buckets of acid.

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The Ancient Nephillim, The Anti-Christ, and The Mark of The Beast Connection

Very intriguing video with actual skeletons of what is believed to be hybrid humans from the time of Noah! The time when fallen angels took until them human wives, and brought forth the “GIANTS in the land” of that day. L.A. Marzulli shares his intriguing findings that he believes show that this sin of cohabiting with humans will happen in the very near future. Remember Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of Noah. If you are not saved I implore you to give Him your heart today! Heaven is real, and so is hell. And faith in Jesus Christ is the only way of escaping hell’s fury, and make heaven your eternal home.

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