WARS N RUMORS OF WARS: Japanese leader in war of words with China

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Chinese warship, US missile cruiser nearly collided in South China Sea standoff…

A Chinese naval vessel tried to force a U.S. guided missile warship to stop in international waters recently, causing a tense military standoff in the latest case of Chinese maritime harassment, according to defense officials. The guided missile cruiser USS Cowpens, which recently took part in disaster relief operations in the Philippines, was confronted by Chinese warships in the South China Sea near Beijing’s new aircraft carrier Liaoning, according to officials familiar with the incident. “On December 5th, while lawfully operating in international waters in the South China Sea, USS Cowpens and a PLA Navy vessel had an encounter that required maneuvering to avoid a collision,” a Navy official said. “This incident underscores the need to ensure the highest standards of professional seamanship, including communications between vessels, to mitigate the risk of an unintended incident or mishap.” A State Department official said the U.S. government issued protests to China in both Washington and Beijing in both diplomatic and military channels. The Cowpens was conducting surveillance of the Liaoning at the time. The carrier had recently sailed from the port of Qingdao on the northern Chinese coast into the South China Sea. According to the officials, the run-in began after a Chinese navy vessel sent a hailing warning and ordered the Cowpens to stop.

The cruiser continued on its course and refused the order because it was operating in international waters. Then a Chinese tank landing ship sailed in front of the Cowpens and stopped, forcing the Cowpens to abruptly change course in what the officials said was a dangerous maneuver. According to the officials, the Cowpens was conducting a routine operation done to exercise its freedom of navigation near the Chinese carrier when the incident occurred about a week ago. The encounter was the type of incident that senior Pentagon officials recently warned could take place as a result of heightened tensions in the region over China’s declaration of an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea. More

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Japan and South Korea Test China

Central News Agency/AP
It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. The Japanese government said Thursday that it flew military aircraft through China’s self-designated air defense zone to test China’s response, of which there was none. The government of South Korea also said that it flew surveillance airplanes through the zone on Wednesday without telling the Chinese. The recently expanded Chinese air defense zone covers disputed areas between multiple Asian countries, and set off a series of challenges, first from the U.S. and now two of its Asian rivals.
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Nov 28, 2013 1:35 pm EST

Pastor Freddie Beard

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China sends Warplanes to Newly Declared Air-Zone

Map of east china sea and declared air defence zone

China has sent warplanes to its newly declared air defence zone in the East China Sea, state media reports.

The vast zone, announced last week, covers territory claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

China has said all planes transiting the zone must file flight plans and identify themselves, or face “defensive emergency measures”.

But Japan, South Korea and the US have all since flown military aircraft through the area.

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“Start Quote

Japanese restraint in the face of Chinese efforts to modify the status quo is currently keeping the peace, potentially to the detriment of Japan’s claim to the island”

James ManicomExpert, China-Japan security issues

The new dispute in an already tense region has raised concerns it could escalate into an unplanned military incident.

China’s state news agency Xinhua quoted air force spokesman Col Shen Jinke as saying several fighter jets and an early warning aircraft had been deployed to carry out routine patrols as “a defensive measure and in line with international common practices”. read more at BBC 

Senkaku/Diaoyu islands (file image)

The zone includes a groups of islands known as Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku by Japan

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China To Engage In ‘Six Inevitable Wars’ Involving U.S.

China Army 2012

Effective this weekend, China’s government declared an Air Defense Identification Zone that includes a significant part of disputed areas in the East China Sea. As the U.S. and Japanese governments express concern over Chinese posturing in the hotly disputed area, Chinese netizens are applauding the move.

In an official statement regarding the ADIZ, established on Saturday at 10 a.m., China’s Ministry of National Defense announced that flight plans and other identifying information would be required for all aircraft operating in that zone. “If an aircraft doesn’t supply its flight plan, China’s armed forces will adopt emergency defensive measures in response,” the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported. “The announcement states that China’s Ministry of National Defense has full administrative rights over the zone.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel released an official statement on the ADIZ, expressing deep concern. “We view this development as a destabilizing attempt to alter the status quo in the region,” he said, adding that the unilateral decision by China “increases the risk of misunderstanding and miscalculations” in the region.  Hagel also affirmed that the U.S. remains aligned with its allies in the region, specifically Japan. The territorial dispute involves mainly the cluster of islands referred to by Japan as the Senkaku and by China as the Diaoyu. Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said “one-sided action” will potentially “trigger unpredictable events” and “cannot be allowed.”

The Diaoyou/ Senkaku island dispute has been several years in the making. China’s public has mostly expressed praise for the ADIZ, extolling Beijing’s decision to defend Chinese sovereignty. On Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, conversation on the disputed area exploded, with more than 200,000 posts mentioning the published air defense map. “Now, our might will match our words,” one Chinese blogger wrote in response to the ADIZ. “Claiming what is ours and now defending what is ours,” another said …Read on HERE

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The Days of Fire- Coming Attacks on America?

I have always felt America will one day be in much sorrow, and distress. Based solely on the fact God is NOT a respectrt of persons (we are always good to use this scripture in the POSITIVE tense, but in the Bible it is used in THE NEGATIVE tense). America has been blessed for nothing more than willingness to allow His Word to be preached, and also her support for His people Israel. But, in recent years our nation has turned into a virtual cesspool, a hatchery for sins, and sinfulness. And also growing more, and more hostile toward his Word, and His people (both Christian, and The Jews). This article is a great example of what most likely be the future of our country. I hate it! and I hope and pray for her to turn around before it is too late! amen

L.A. Marzulli's Blog

first-30-cities-to-be-nuked-in-usaCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

While on a trip to North Carolina I was privileged to have dinner with a Native American War Chief.  He told me his people talked about the days of fire that were coming.

Normally I would have taken this information and filed it on the back burner and forgotten about it.  However, less than 24 hours later I received a post which talked about A. A. Allen’s open vision in 1954, where the Lord of Hosts showed him the destruction of America.  Allen was drummed out of good standing for revealing the vision and labeled a false prophet!  (Sounds like the typical “respect” prophets get!) However, perhaps we should think again of what Allen, who I believe received a true vision from God, warned us what was coming.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, the next day this map appeared on

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