A little thought I had as I was setting up this site. Was what a great thing we have, Christians at least. We can pray, When trials come, when we are down, when life is so hard, we can pray, and not only pray but expect answers.

Yes, God is a prayer answering God, He loves His Children, and is in heaven even now interceding in their behalf. Think of that, when we got saved Jesus was then there for us, and that by prayer we can find a greater than solace for life’s greatest storms. No, He is not a heavenly bellhop, as some doubters mockingly rant.

A child of God does not knowingly “use” God like any other commodity in life. No, they know that God is longing to hear from them, and hear their cry’s.

I know first hand that God answers prayer, and that nothing is too big, or too small for him. Are you in need of prayer? Has life brought you to a low place? Do you know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord? If so, I am going to pray God will help you right now with your situation, I pray for God who promises to listen to extend to you the exact amount of Faith to see that prayer answered. I also pray against every lie that fills your mind, and that casts doubt upon your mind. I pray God will show you His perfect will, and you will know what to pray. And when you do not know what to pray; I hope you will yield your tongue to the Holy Spirit, and let Him pray through you (Romans chpt.8) and that your life will be the Light He said you should be.

In Jesus Name, amen

The Bible talks about prayer being a mighty effectual tool in the life of a believer, and that when we pray together and agree upon a thing, that God will honor that prayer (providing we seek God’s perfect will- for sometimes we may be asking for the wrong thing, and God will not answer a foolish prayer). If you would like for us to be in prayer with you just submit your requests below in the reply box, and when God answers your prayer please send us a praise report, and testimony of God’s Holy Power. amen

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