Preaching The Cross

    Text:   1 Corinthians 1:17 – 31

What is Preaching The Cross?
 A. First, what it is NOT
Vs. 17  – As we see here it is NOT about WATER BAPTISM as
some teach! Water baptism is biblical, but it has NO salvation. (water
baptism does not save you), but if you are saved you are to be water
baptized, as a public declaration of your new faith in Jesus Christ.
Folks who teach “baptismal regeneration”  are heretics. You should
get away from them, while their order, and systematic thinking is
quite impressive it is of NO value, because it is UN-BIBLICAL.
Vs.. 17 b It is NOT about “WISDOM OF WORDS” some think
great oratorical skills are what matters, NOT! It is not an intellectual
thing in that sense. No, it is a work of THE SPIRIT, that precedes a
particular Message, THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS.  Proof you
ask? I am glad you want it. Yes go to the next verse.
 B. What it IS!
Vs. 18 The preaching of The Cross is- to them WHO PERISH ,
FOOLISHNESS…ex. A man who headed one of the largest
charismatic groups in the world said in an article in an magazine he
published that… “if you preach the cross, you preach death”! What a
blasphemous statement! He DIED THAT YOU MIGHT LIVE!
“…At The Cross, at The Cross, where I first saw the light, and the
burden of my heart was rolled away, it was THERE by FAITH, I
DAY”!!! Amen

Preaching the Cross is where the POWER is, Not anything else,
Preaching the Cross.
Hmmmmm see why Satan fights it so bad???

How To Preach The Cross?
A. Be Called –
All of God’s ministers are called by Him, and Him alone. (script. Ref.
Galatians 1:15, 1 Corin. 1:1, And the message is only The Cross
alone, (every message points to the atonement, or Christ, somehow,
some way).To veer from the Cross is to veer from God’s Word.
All other ministers are “ministers of Satan“.  (your either of GOD or
NOT of GOD, there is not three camps but only two)
The truly called ministers of God, are often little accepted. Satan
wants his ministers to be looked at as the  OFFICIALS of God.     But
the criteria is not world acceptance, it is a call of God that is above,
and beyond the desire to be seen, and accepted by men. And the proof
is in the pudding’, If it isn’t the Cross (Christ and Him Crucified The
theme of the entire Bible John 8) than is isn’t  of God! A God-called
Christian may not all together understand that statement but The
Spirit in him will believe it. For this subject is a life of learning.
– Momma can’t call you, ONLY GOD CAN!
– Preaching Gods Word is not a “PROFESSION” it is a calling, if
you “only” preach to get a paycheck you are most likely not
“preaching the cross”.

B. Be Yielded –
The first thing you need after you are saved, and before you ever try
to minister, Is the Baptism in the Holy Ghost, “with the evidence of
speaking in other (unlearned) tongues. This is the Problem with most
“ministers” today God may have called them but they have never
received The Gift, and Jesus commanded “His” DISCIPLES to not do
anything before they received the Holy Ghost Baptism. (READ THE
BOOK OF ACTS, and See what the Disciples did, and what their
emphasis was. They wanted believers baptized in he Holy Spirit and
when the people were, they ALL SPAKE in AN UNKNOWN
(unlearned) tongues. READ YOUR BIBLES CHRISTIANS!
Humble yourself before God – Seek His face, and not glory from
anyone. – Paul said  God forbid that I should glory, except in “The
Cross”. Gal. 6:14
If God called you He will equip you – (you do not have to attend a
bible school to be used of God, on the contrary I feel it often times
interferes with a truly God called man/woman)
While God did give Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and
Teachers, to equip us, We certainly would never undermine God
working among us. But, we must understand that the real teacher is
The Holy Ghost.     And we weigh every thing one teaches in the
scales of Gods Word, and If it don’t line up, we side with the Bible (,)
1 John 2:27 – always abide in that sweet anointing! Listen also to
Paul’s admonition.
 Gal. 1: 8 But though we, or an angel
from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that
which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9
As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach
any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let
him be accursed.

And remember The “messenger” does not validate the message.
It is the Message, that validates the Messenger! Amen

C. Be Faithful –
When one starts they will not receive their crown until they have
crossed that finish line. 2 Tim. 4:6-8
Be faithful in well doing.   Gal. 6:9
And Continue thou…          1 Tim. 4:16, 2 Tim. 3:12-17
And finally, remember,.. The gifts, and callings of God are without
repentance. Rom. 11:29
You can’t change gears, and expect to please God. He has a plan for
all of His children, we must seek Him, and then follow that path laid
out for us. The Apostle Paul even said He was separated from his
mothers womb, for to “preach The Gospel (The Cross), God has a
plan for us before we are even born. Gal. 1:15

What Happens When The Cross Is Not Preached?
A. Lies are perpetuated– This is the only direction one can take
when they are “not called” by God. For truth can not evolve out of a
lie. I.e. “… an evil tree CANNOT bring forth good fruit, and a good
tree cannot bring forth evil fruit….”
B. Lives are devastated- ( I feel this is what causes many to grow
bitter toward True religion- is a bad experience in their past because of
a false religion)- It has been said, that
“the doing of religion is the strongest narcotic in the world”. I believe
this, man is a lost soul, and a hole is there by virtue of that fact. And
The only thing that can fill that void is God himself. But understand
Satan is a master schemer, and works to pervert God’s “only” way.
And when a person is swayed by any other “gospel” it immediately
appeals to his fallen nature, and his pride, and he is actually worse off
than a lost soul, who has not heard the gospel, because the lost soul
often will, “hear” the gospel, and be “saved”, but the “religious” are
not so easily moved, as a mater of fact, all false doctrine has within its
teachings, subtle lies to deceive the convert, and harden him toward
the message of the Cross (True Religion). And so finally…
C. Souls are lost- The end result of not preaching the cross is that,
souls are lost, If one does not receive God’s only prescription for
his/her personal sinful state they will split hell wide open! There are
not ten, two, or four ways as is so often perpetuated in most churches
AND HIM CRUCIFIED!  John 14:6 and John chapter 10

Why Preach The Cross?
A. It is Salvation to all who hears it!
B. It is The Power of God.
    The Holy Spirit can work, and ONLY work, when the Cross is
preached, And work toward making the believer all he/she can be in
Christ. And when the Cross is not preached, then it is the opposite
effect. I.e.
Preach the cross = life
Don’t preach the cross = death
Preach the cross = salvation
Don’t preach the cross = NO salvation
Preach the cross = The Believer can be changed, by and for the
glory of God
Don’t preach the cross = no change, and actually though
religious, the person is actually worse off than before, because the
Christ and The Cross is God’s ONLY WAY of victory, all else is
really witchcraft or (rebellion against God)!
All That the Believer needs is found in the Cross.
Christ’s seven (7) wounds make provision for every ill of the fallen
human race. Seven meaning completion. Or, All one needs was
purchased at Calvary!
– One false teacher boastfully made the statement.” Mankind is
facing issues the Bible does not address”, and this man is heralded as a
minister of God. He also denigrates the Cross, and says we don’t talk
about blood, sin, or any of that gory stuff, we don’t want to run
anybody off. The heretic aught to know that it is the Cross that they
need to hear. And If they hear it they might be convicted, and turn
their lives over to God. But he has no understanding of the Cross.
Nevertheless he will be judged as a minister for standing in those
shoes, and declaring “a way of salvation”, like the diviness in Acts, He
needs a touch of God on his miserable soul.
Yes preachers you want to please God? Preach the cross!
You want real healings in your church?  Preach the cross!
You want real manifestations? Preach the cross!!!

And everyone please bow your heads and pray right now, as the
Lord leads you!
And to all of you under the sound of my voice…
Are you lost? “at The Cross” He bought your salvation!
Are you sick? “ at The Cross” He bought your healing!
Are you sad? “at The Cross” He bought you joy!
Are you addicted to something? “at The Cross” He bought your
Are you duped by a false religion “that repudiates the Cross“?  “at
The Cross” He can set you free!
Are you backslid? “at The Cross” His blood paves your way back
Come one! Come all! Take your needs to The Lord! And how do
you get to the LORD, THROUGH THE CROSS!
“ For the preaching of THE CROSS is TO THEM WHO PERISH

20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working
with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.
Mark 16:20

I have a final thought for the ones who spurn at the Cross, and make
light of the importance of it., Saying well we are to preach the
resurrection. Friend let me tell you if you preach the Cross you are
preaching the resurrection. But if you preach the resurrection, and you
do not preach the Cross, You have missed it. In short, You can’t have
a Cross-less Christ, or a Christ-less Cross. Because He became the
resurrected Savior, via the Cross.

Church, all please worship the Lord, and pray for all around you to
receive their needs, In Jesus’ Name, amen

Written by Pastor Freddie L Beard Oct 2011 – this may be used for to
build up the Kingdom of God Freely, but may not be put in any mass
publication without the express written permission of the author.
Copyright c all rights reserved.

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