Hi, my name is Freddie Beard, I am here to be a “light” and to shine just like Jesus said. And given this world is in such darkness, it is more important than ever before that we Christians have the Light of the Holy Ghost alive, in our hearts, and lives. This blog is taken from the original name of the first church I pastored, ( I still pastor it, we only changed our name to The Way of The Cross, but still have several of our people call us the Old Country Church. And given that I owned this domain name, I thought what a better name for this blog. Because I long to see a revival back to the old ways. I am not talking merely about old fashioned, for the sake of being old fashioned. Or even a series of meetings, and then back to the same o’. same o’. I mean an Life changing encounter. I am praying for a Real revival of souls to come together, like never before, and seek God for real revival. I know when God’s people get serious, He is already ready to pour His Spirit out, upon sincere seekers. But, I know first hand of the many plastic shows of this type of a move from God. No, no, I for one am not interested at all in that kind of religious activity. I have been around long enough to smell that rat a mile away. But, I am truly desirous of seeing lost people truly born-again, sick bodies healed, and broken homes made whole. While this blog grows I will also expand my outreach in multiple ways. Prophecy, and news that point to Biblical fulfillment  is my spiritual heartbeat. I love the beauty of prophecy, and how it shows those whom are willing to see just how soon The Lord Jesus return (the Rapture) really is.
I have got to say some things, things that upon first glance may sound self serving, and God knows that is not my heart at all. I have had bouts of pitty parties, and doubt, I will not lie like most would. I have even quit going to church, and set in my office at home for months on end before. I even at one time had began to start inching my way back to the old way I lived when the Lord Jesus saved my almost 20 years ago. But, each time the Lord would deal with my heart, and remind me of the vow I made to Him the night I got saved. You see the night I got saved, I had planned to take my own life, depression, and alcoholism had reached their melting point in my feeble soul. And just as I was about to get up and get my gun, the Lord spoke to my heart, and told me to…” turn the TV back on”, and I did. I started turning the dial not knowing why I felt this so strong. Well in a matter of a few minutes, an old time preacher man. And praise God he wasn’t doing what the majority do today, and that is peddle vitamins, and any one a hundred other senseless things.  No no friend, he was preaching, and he wasn’t pumping out some psycho babel many are regurgitating from the pulpits across America today. No, he was preaching that ole time Gospel message, Jesus and the Cross. He preached so strong and under such power that it was as if I was his only listener, ( I know I wasn’t) But under that anointing he called out my sins, my torments, my addictions, and everything that had me bound in the lie, that had convinced me to take my own life. And friend let me tell you, When I think of how close I was to having had taken my life, It literally scares me to death. But, when this precious man of God god to the invitational part of his message, he said, “you don’t have to know how to pray, you don’t have to talk fancy, NO NO all you have to do is call out to Jesus! Just cry out “JESUS, JESUS” and He will save you, and heal you, and deliver you, it is as simple as calling upon His name”! I will never ever forget the next part, for one reason God will not let me. I said to the Lord, ” Lord, if you will do for me what that preacher said, I will serve you all the days of my life”, and as they say, ” the rest is history”. I confessed my sin, and laid them down by faith, and received His Holy Grace. It literally turned me around over night. Before that night, I had a major trouble sleeping, I had major sugar issues, and health issues. But, God healed me that very night He put a sleep upon me like I never had known.
And so you see, I am constantly reminded by God of the vow I made that night. That if He’s do what the preacher said He would do, That I would serve Him all the days of my life. He has been the best friend I have ever known. Man will most definitely let you down, Even so-called “Christian people” I have survived many major battles (ALL BY HIS GRACE), some of which I just knew would be the death of me.  to be continued….
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