It’s Raining…. Marijuana? 10 Bundles of Pot Fall From the Sky in California



This past week, a plane flew into American air space from Mexico and successfully dropped nearly 300 pounds of marijuana onto U.S. soil to later be picked up by drug pushers on this side of the border. After the drop, the plane safely returned into Mexican airspace, no doubt preparing for the next run. The incident took place in California.

Two men later showed up to pick up the drugs, but they were arrested by border officials who had tracked the plane. The men arrested, who are 32 and 49 years old, are said to be “permanent residents” showing the insidiousness and high level of success that has been achieved in the scheme involving airlift tactics to distribute drugs from Mexico in the U.S.

Last week, an illegal alien from Mexico who’d been deported 11 times already was arrested for carrying more than 200 pounds of marijuana in his car, on his way to deliver the substance to his portion of the recipients on this side of the border.

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He is currently being held on an immigration retainer, and may be deported for the 12′th time, but judging by his record, he will no doubt be back in the U.S. in time to celebrate the New Year.

While border patrol agents are limited by velvet handcuffs placed upon them by an Obama administration that is pushing hard for amnesty, and a politically correct American society which seems more concerned with being labelled “racist” than protecting the youth of America from the illicit substances coming in from south of our border, expect more drugs to fall from the sky to be distributed by illegal operatives on the ground.


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