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UFO Sighting Causes Airport Emergency: Planes Diverted


UFO scare near Beijing International Airport caused two passenger planes to be diverted and dozens of flight delays. According to the South China Morning Post, China’s Civil Aviation’s radar picked up a UFO which was flying at around 2,000 ft and at 60mph. Two planes were immediately diverted in order to steer clear of the unidentified object while a police helicopter was scrambled. It was eventually discovered that the UFO was an unmanned remote controlled drone aircraft being used for survey work. It had not been granted permission to fly, and four men operating the aircraft were later arrested for “endangering public security.” Feng Chang, co-founder of Beijing FlyCam, which specialises in aerial photography and videography, told the South China Morning Post: All unmanned aircrafts are banned from entering the 15km range of airpots and from flying higher than 100m on flight courses elsewhere. Meanwhile, in California, reports that unexplained crop circle which was discovered on Monday has caused a sensation. A video posted on Youtube (below) shows two friends coming across the patterns after seeing green lights emanate from a field. More

Pastor Freddie Beard

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Mysterious Purple Globes Littering the Arizona Desert


In the Arizona desert came something that looked out of this world. Hundreds of tiny purple globes that are the alleged results of Chemtrails were just lying around.

A mass of squishy, watery purple beads were found in the Arizona desert. They defied explanation. Some people said they were alien. Some said they looked like the beads you put in a fish tank.

“We were taking photos around the area and we just…. I mean, how could you miss this?” said Geradine Vargas, who found the marble-like spheres while walking with her husband. “It was just like glittering in the sun. It’s just one of those things that you’ve never seen before.”Yahoo News

Even the department of fish and wildlife explained that they are a rare fungus. The problem with the fungus theory, that type of fungus is not indigenous to that part of Arizona.

Another guy said they were water beads he sold at the state fair. The news team took the beads to the area and they didn’t match. They had them sent to laboratories to find out what the alien eggs were.

One thing that no one is talking about is the very real chemtrails. They call it “cloud seeding.” They spray a bunch of chemicals into the clouds to supposedly make it rain. This technology is not new, it has been around for many years and was first released to the public in 1993.

The problem with putting chemicals in the air is that once it goes up, gravity makes it come back down. Then you get purple goop in the middle of the desert.

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Watch “1 World Trade Center Wailing in the Wind” on YouTube

Pastor Freddie Beard

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