Hate, Racism, True Christians, and The “Last-Days”!

Well here we are, August 18 2017; and in the last few days we have seen the eruption (seemingly out of nowhere- it’s all by design) to take down all the confederate statues in U.S. of A.. From one side of the United Stated to the other, and from one ideology to another, we are ALL being FORCED into the ring of debate, argument, and even worse, and for what? And let me just say, “That is a real good question”! And one that I know I am not the only one asking it! When you really are watching and truly evaluating all that comes to your eyes, and ears, you can not help but see something truly diabolical at work! However to the average American it is “just news” or “just a thing, and will soon end” and yet to others “it is a gloomy omen, and that with very telling details”. For when one sees what is driving this (among many other tings) you see a “fire” ( Eph. 2:2, 5:6, and  Col. 3:6) that burns; a fire that has a mind, and a will, and is now asserting its position, and stating it’s goals (which will only be replaced once gotten); And this “fire” is HATE!

You see hatred is a deep seated emotion, and is the “root” to many other such emotions. Our nation is now filled with this hatred, and just as the fire I described, it is “consuming” everything in it’s path. This is why you see such people burn down things, destroying others property, it often times even posses people and they are then bent on causing suffering to everyone around them. Now, does this not make you feel sickened, or helpless? Don’t it make you begin to question as to the “why”, and also make you want to seek the “what” you can do, and even NEED to do? It should! Because having an understanding of the dark sources of this great evil; is truly something very troubling for where ever it is growing, and being fueled by other powerful people, it is literally devastating to say the least! Just look at Europe, and U.K. and many other parts of the world where this “rage” (a furious hatred) is now overthrowing whole countries, and taking complete control, there are now many parts of U.K. and Europe that are “no-go” zones, and others that are completely hazardous, as many women, and even children are being raped, and sodomized by these barbarians, and are then even being protected by the governments! But let me just say we are witnessing the “last days prophecies of the Christ, and His prophets,” (Mat. 16:1-3, Luke 21:28) where it was prophesied that it would be as it was in the days of Noah, and those days were “FILLED WITH VIOLENCE”!(Mat. 24:37, Gen.6)

Violence is the fruit of the “fire of hatred” in a human soul! Really it is an great evil as it has no regard for others. It is a selfish, and rebellious emotion, that often meets it’s bitter end in a violent and painful death. I know many can not see this right here, but that fact tears my heart inside, for I honestly believe many of these people were violated, and abused from their youth up, were never taught basic things like so many of us were taught, and often take for granted, and those such things as: loving others, giving biblical respect to our elders, and leaders (honorable ones anyway) etc… I hurt because I think to myself these poor people many of which have never had the caress of a loving mother, and the tender corrective hand of a God fearing father, or known the warmth of a family that taught them to forgive, to denounce all the evils of the devil such as racism, debauchery etc… Well, I had such parents growing up, I am not saying they were perfect, I am saying they were children of God, who had striven for the right, and did their best to help make me, and my siblings good American citizens.

As I grew up and moved out into the world, I backslid and became an alcoholic, I literally almost died from the path I was on; for you see I was literally getting up to go and commit suicide the night I got saved! I felt a voice tell me to turn my T.V. back on, and I just started flipping through the channels when I came across an old-time preacher man, who was NOT peddling vitamins! No He was preaching the old-time gospel! And the Sweet Holy Ghost got a hold on me, and convicted me of my sins! He (the preacher) then began to call me to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord) as did the Father began to draw me! I began to pray and ask God to save me, to forgive me, and to help me ( I had four little girls that needed their daddy) and do you know what happened? The Lord put a deep sleep on me! I slept like I never had before! I awoke the next day, and felt like a brand new person! I saw colors I hadn’t seen in a long time! He put a joy in my spirit that has remained unto this very day! Hey, I just simply can not explain it other than to say, COME TO JESUS! GIVE HIM YOUR HEART! HE IS ABLE AND WILLING TO SAVE! But, you must hear his voice (Rev. 3, Rom. 10) and open your heart up to Him, and friend then He will move inside of you, and clean up your mind, your will, and emotions! he will teach you His Wonder-full LOVE ( 1 John 3). But, do not think you posses this LOVE if you are still bound to the evils of sin, and the Bible says clearly we can KNOW one “by his FRUITS” (Matt. 7).

Well, it wasn’t to long after God saved me that he called me to preach His Word! To be a “fisher of men” to teach others of this man Named Jesus! It didn’t take me too long after my new birth to begin to see some very scary things. Among others was the fact that many who claim to be saved, were often troublemakers in the church! They were not interested in much more than “their four, and no more”! If a situation arose, and one of the persons involved was “their loved one” they would immediately side, and collude with them, and NOT with perhaps the other person who was bearing all the fruit of a brother/sister! This is one of the major problems of our day! For if a person is in the wrong, and you, I, or a church body does not confront them, then we are by defacto in agreement with them, and supporting them! This M.O. (way of doing things) is the prevalent attitude in America today. We are taught by many sources that there is NO “SUBJECTIVE TRUTH” and that EVERYTHING is RELATIVE! So this means there is NO right or NO wrong! And now we have a generation coming up who have been schooled in this rebellious law from their diapers up! And so when they get old enough (strong enough ) to come against  the shrinking absolutes of the day, well, they do! And so we have the scenario we are in! The scary thing here is that the people behind the groups that are demanding the statues to come down will NOT be content with that! No, they will keep being offended until they go all the way back to our “founding fathers” and then the “Constitution” will be, and even now is in their sights! And here is their major object of hatred toward the nations founders, is the Biblical authority of the male, in the home, and in the public square.  This is also why we see so many young confused about what sex they are, or whether they are homosexual, and lesbian. God is not the author of confusion, Satan is! His is the sower of evil, the father of lies, and the enemy of every man, woman, boy and girl in this world! And of course the world, and sadly most of the church does not know this! Many have via false doctrines taken a wrong attitude in these “last-days”, and even have replaced the Gospel (the very Gospel that I shared above, that literally changed my life INSTANTLY)! And so the story goes, as our world falls further, and further into the hopeless abyss of sin, and degradation, I must say by virtue of the sobering Warnings of Scripture two very important things. Number one, As my mother taught me, “sin begets sin’ meaning that if we sin openly, and unrepentant we will only reap what we have sown, which according to Scripture leads to an ultimate and all consuming Eternal Lake of Fire! ( Rev. 20 – “Is YOUR NAME in THE BOOK”? vs. 11-15)

And Number two, As I begin to wind this down, let me say that while God takes NO pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ez. 33:11), and that He has made such a beautiful, and perfect avenue for you to escape Hell’s flames, by asking Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, and to be Lord, and Savior of your life! And He will do just that, but you have got to submit to Him (which you can’t do unless you are truly saved) and then He will give you His Grace to perform ( Eph. 2:1-13) His Holy Will, and Live according to His ways ( In The Light -1 John 1, and 2 John). This my friend is THE ONLY REAL ANSWER TO the deluge of evil now inundating the whole world ( John 14:6, John 10:1-10). And If He is rejected, then the unrepentant sinner is destined to live a self-righteous, and thusly lost life, only to die one day and split Hell wide open!

We are definitely in the very “Last-days”, the signs the Bible gives us are all being fulfilled, and one of the crowing signs is “violence”(wrongs). Oh, and can you not see this all around you? I feel like a prophet of old crying out to all who will listen! To hear His voice! To Heed His Word! To make your WRONGS RIGHT! And to seek God for His direction, to see what HE would have YOU DO! You may even be a Preacher of God that has yet to hear THAT CALL to “Warn the wicked” and “call them to Repentance”! Amen! But, if not surely you would love to feel the love I speak of here! I am sorry if you are among the little ones I mentioned above! Maybe you were hurt, abused and mistreated, but My God can, and will heal you, and give you a love like you have never known, and the world could NEVER GIVE! Won’t you come today!? Won’t you turn your life around and be a prayer warrior with myself, and a host of others whom are under the blood (saved) of Jesus? Let’s get together, and fight the real enemy of mankind, SATAN (John 10:10, John 8:44, 2 Cor. 10:4, Rev. 12:9)

And finally YOU Christian! Are you where you ought to be? (2 Cor. 13:5, 2 Tim. 4) We are about to see a very troublesome time, I can say this because the Bible warns us that He punishes ALL REBELLION, and our nation is ripe for His Judgment! Satan has a horrible plan being unveiled on The U. S. of A.; even as I type these words! And don’t believe he is going to be content with the removal of these statues, All one has to do is get saved (for the Bible is Spiritually discerned) , and then open their Bibles to see that this is ONLY the Prelude of what will without a doubt lead to the chopping off of one’s head, if they do not “take the anti-Christ’s mark, and worship him”(Rev. 13)

I sure hope this reaches someone! I know it is for YOU, whoever you are that reads this and realizes that truly we are in the last days, and that you need Jesus’ Great Salvation! ( Romans 10:8-15)

I can say by the Spirit of God, I LOVE YOU! WHOMEVER you ARE! And I sure hope to see you in Heaven (John 14), for there won’t be just one color or race up there, Glory hallelujah! Revelation says,  that there will Saints from every race under the sun in heaven! Please, if you need further help in receiving Jesus Christ today , Please go up to the “about” tab on the top left, and when the drop down tile comes down, click on the “contact us” tab, and it will take you to a page where we have several means of communicating with you! I would love to help you become a Christian!  May God bless YOU! And may YOU feel HIS LOVE TODAY, IN JESUS’ NAME! amen I am praying for you! 🙂

pastor Freddie Beard



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